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You are participating in a crowd ctrl experiment.
the experiment is carried out by the Institute for Applied Conflict Intensification (IACI).
to get proper and significant results, it is absolutely necessary to stick to the following rules.

///research objectives///
crowd ctrl becomes a new force in social engineering and helps shaping a positive future.
therefore, state of the art technology has to be applied to citizens whenever necessary.
in their recent report on “Technologies of Political Control”, the European Parliament´s STOA
Programme (Scientific and Technological Option Assessment) recommands to widely use incapacitating
agents and other non-lethal means.
new media, sound beams, latest formats of projections, chip-based body-intruders and tracking
technology will help our states to provide full control even in critical situations and mass disorder.
to prove all this medium to be absolutely healthy and non-lethal and to render it effective, continously
experiments have to be conducted with human beings.


///behavioral rules///

rule 1 get equipped!
/get your personal ArmPod at the counter and carry it carefully.
/its a delicate piece of technology.
/do not crash or bump it.
/do not try to twist it around your arm.
/you better watch the videos on other ArmPods´screens: by carrying an ArmPod
you become a projection-screen yourself

rule 2 approved movements
/move with the ArmPod under the tracking beacons (blinking infrared chips at the ceiling)
/do not move too quickly.
/do not stand too long on one spot.
/find a moderate way of behavior.
/hold the arm with the pod upright so that the top lense can reach out
to the ceiling: that help to get more precise position-data.

rule 3 forbidden gathering
/do not gather with more than five other ArmPod-users.
/you can see the position of all of them on the map.
/if you have the special-edition-pod you see yourself represented as a green dot on the map on your screen. the other pods are white dots.


///general instruction manual///
the ArmPod is a technical organ. it streams video and audio directly to your body.

///weapons of mass-protection///
the ArmPod has been especially designed and developed for you by a group of European researchers who
want to help making Europeans become more successful. therefore New Europe should be a quiet place.
peace technology provides the best and latest
inventions to assure a friendly future.

visions of that Garden Eden will be visible on the pod´s special 4cTFT screen in three versions:

)))a) colored animations
they quickly interact with you and adapt
immediately to your position. the testroom
is divided up into six color fields. each has
transition videos inbetween. slow down and
move carefully back and forth to detect them.

)))b) Pods with map
they show precisely your position on the testfield´s grid and displays video from public space situations in Europe

)))c) Long Video
Long 4c videos will be shown on the third kind of Pods: you are basically collecting a playlist during your stay. it will be displayed in the order of tracking nodes that you have met during your walk through the testbed.


enjoy your fist encounter with ArmPod technology.
email us your comments at mail@bbm.de
see our url at www.bbm.de and find new information at www.demonen.org
meet the beats of transducer speaker technology!
be enabled through IR smart control and WLAN server access!
be mobile more than 8 hours with LiIon-High Power battery supply!

we will accurately analyse the full-customer-satisfaction questionnaire (down below)
please fill in
how did you find out about ArmPods?
will your wear one if available at your local retailer?
///what extra features do you wish to find embedded?
internet access?
BAN (body area network) or other means of body intrusion and body data display?
///would you allow your data to be spread all over the net?
///about weight and size:///
too large?
just right?
could be bigger?
too heavy?
just right?
could be lighter?

///about design:///
shape too rectangular?
coloured case modding?
better in crash-resistant polymer?
water proof?

///about sound:///
loud enough?
more bass necessary?

///about content:///
Included in the armpods playlist I would wish to find more files and info on ...


Olaf Arndt, Zsolt Barat, Juan Carrillo + José Garrido; Barcelona,
Janneke Schönenbach, Stanislav Vajce, Lars Vaupel