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Kynex (2008)
Mixed Media, ca. 200 kg

Excerpt from a BBM propaganda flyer: "The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kosova appointed a study in January 2008. The expected outcome: to explore how can we reduce illegal border crossings and riots in public to a minimum, preferably with the least personnel expenditure and the maximum possible efficiency. The main goal of the study is to develop a practical proposal for technology that protects the country from illegal migration, and riots, and while doing so is able to reduce the number of fatalities, and keeping collateral damage low. The technology should be able to ensure the selective designation of delinquents, and at the same, time deter through its physical presence.

The interior department of Kosova hired the Robotic Corporation BBM (Observers of the Operators of Machines) research and development department, to collect a group of sociologists, designers and developers to build a prototype by the end of 2008. Besides the detailed analysis of construction, total budget and operational costs, the study in effect shall be substantiated through a so-called "acceptance test" in December 2008 in Prishtina with direct contact with unprepared civilians. To accomplish the assignment BBM secured the collaboration of the private service provider Kynex Inc. Boston (USA), which itself has acquired an excellent reputation since 2001 in guarding temporary detention camps and sensitive borders in the inner European region, gaining renown after the fall of the east block.”



robot: Janneke Schönenbach, Lars Vaupel und Olaf Arndt
hardware: Lars Vaupel
software: Jason Peper, Holger Kenn, Zsolt Barat
cloth-design: Franziska Schönenbach

Kynex Patch with Omar Vulpinaris Cerberus
© BBM 2008