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The association BBM e.V. organises exhibitions, artistic performances, artinstallations, lectures, publications, seminars, conferences, lectures andresearch projects, investigating historical, scientific and artistic themes inpublic spaces. The association commissions research, cares for collections andarchives, and is establishing an "artist in residence" program.

BBM e.V. iscommitted to the maintenance, rehabilitation and documentation of the culture,history and representation of DIY and garden culture in the "exclusionzone" Lenzerwische and other similar historical places. The Associationinvestigates the correlation between media art and innovation in communicationstechnology, robotics, military and security technology, bio- and nanotechnologyand human rights issues. Further, BBM e.V. advises government, scientificbodies and civil society organizations in matters of art and culture,especially in relation to the assessment and examination of the social acceptance of new technologies.